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Brexit and the UK commercial property market

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Brexit and the UK commercial property market

Amy Williams

So how will Brexit affect the UK commercial property market?  Well, the recent article on talks about a possible short term weakening of the market.  Here's what it says...

The UK commercial property market is likely to see a weakening in demand due to the decision of the British people to leave the European Union.

Foreign investors in particular are likely to cool while the terms for the country to leave are thrashed out as uncertainty about direction and timing affect decision making, according to experts.

Even if it is effectively ‘business as usual’ for the UK in terms of trade and legislation until 2018 when the actual exit is likely to take place, such a major change will inevitably create uncertainty in the economy and real estate markets, according to Chris Ireland, chief executive officer of JLL UK.

He explained that in the event of a well-managed exit these impacts will be largely confined to the UK. ‘In the short term we may see a weakening in occupier demand. The impact on rents may be limited by tight supply, but activity will be adversely hit while initial uncertainty about direction and timing continues,’ said Ireland.

‘Investor sentiment may also remain subdued in the short to medium term. For property markets, the initial correction may be most severe but should be followed by an upturn as opportunities re-emerge in UK core markets and benefits of weak sterling are recognised. Sentiment and relative pricing will be key,’ he pointed out.

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